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UmCo50 Nozzle Castings

Good quality Bolts for Mills & Crushers for sales
Good quality Bolts for Mills & Crushers for sales
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UmCo50 Nozzle Castings

January 7, 2017, UmCo50 burner nozzle castings, totally 55 pieces ,were delivered to Australia by plane. The batch includes Nozzle Skirt and Squiggle Twig, total weight of 130kg.

UmCo50 Nozzle Castings

1.The material grade for nozzle castings: UmCo50,high temperature alloy.We adopted investment cast process to make the nozzles.


2.The shape of the outer surface is complicated, and the one end is wavy.Machining Cobalt alloy castings is not easy. The inner finish is Ra3.2.The unit weight is about 100kg,which is big for wax lost process.We overcame a lot of difficulties in the process of wax and shell making.

UmCo50 Nozzle Castings

3.Squiggle Twig is lighter, the size and shape are complex.We modified a lot of versions in the design step.We have made a lot of effort in the mold production to ensure the size accuracy and surface finish to Ra3.2.


4.We do annealing treatment on the cobalt-based alloy castings:

Firstly,heating to 900 ℃ in an electric furnace.

Secondly,holding for two hours.

Thirdly,cooling to room temperature.

UmCo50 Nozzle Castings



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